What should I ask my PPC specialist?

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When it comes to Pay per click marketing (PPC), it is often best to leave everything to the experts. PPC agencies work differently and deliver different results, and hiring an unsuitable candidate ultimately leads to disastrous outcomes. If you are interviewing a prospective PPC specialist, the following questions can help you dig deeper and go beyond the tactical knowledge before signing any contract.

How Will You Manage the Google Quality Score?

Google Quality Score encompasses three metrics: keyword, ad text, and landing page relevance. The best answer to this question is that the PPC specialist will use fewer keywords and smaller, targeted ad groups to maintain the highest score possible. This way, your marketing team can write more target copy that can easily find its niche. Essentially, the ideal PPC specialist must be conversant with quality scores, how they work and how to improve them.

Can You Explain How Google AdWords Auction For Pay Per Click Works?

The Google auction process works like this:

  • A user initiates a search, and AdWords will automatically pull all the ads whose keywords match the search
  • From these ads, those not legible (for example, those targeting different countries) will be ignored.
  • From the remaining ads, only those with higher Ad Rank are allowed to show results.

Google auction is critical for your campaign. Ensure the person you are hiring understands this process well and how to maximize it.

How Do You Decide Where to Start Optimizing a PPC Program?

The first step when optimizing a PPC program is to conduct an audit. The candidate should also outline their methods for determining what gets done first. Don’t hire anyone who will delve straight into optimizing a PPC campaign without first examining the program.

What Is Click-Through Rate (CTR), and How Is It Calculated?

CTR refers to a ratio that shows the number of people clicking on your ad after interacting with it. CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions.

What Are the Best Tools to Use for Keyword Discovery?

Apart from Google’s search query tool, there are myriads of tools out there to help discover new and related keywords. Some of the tools that the expert must be familiar with include:

  • Bing keyword research c too
  • SEMrush
  • SpyFu
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool

What is the On-Schedule Indicator (OSI)?

The on-schedule indicator is the percent likelihood the campaign will deliver all the impressions booked.

How do I improve my Ad’s position in Bing?

In Bing, it is advisable to be in the top eight spots. To get there, you have to increase the relevance of your ad and your landing. This means that you have to create more effective and updated copies.

What Is the Range Difference Between Search Ads and Content Ads in Bing?

On Bing, the Ads are typically separated into search and content ads. Search ads are the same as Google search ads, while content ads are equivalent to display ads.

What Is the Range Difference Between Search Ads and Content Ads in Bing?

Amazon ads are located at the top of the search or on the product detail pages. The specific display position is determined by the search relevance, keywords, and bids.

What Are the Critical KPIs to Measure Success in Remarketing?

Some of the essential remarketing metrics to help you measure success include:

  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Effective cost per acquisition (eCPM)
  • Click-Through Rate

Why You Should Outsource Your PPC

Running a PPC campaign can take your attention from your daily work responsibilities. A paid advertising agency can help free your time for other urgent tasks and reduce your cost per click to maximize your advertising spends. At Kick Digital Media, our PPC management professionals use specialized software to help build much larger advertising campaigns that run at optimum levels. If you need help with your PPC campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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