Is Twitter Good for Your Business?

In a bid to capture the eyes, ears, and hearts of potential customers, businesses are constantly on the hunt for the right social media marketing fit. Deciding which platforms to concentrate marketing efforts on is a crucial step, and Twitter - a social media platform known for the speed of its interactions and the truncated nature of its messages - is one of the most enduring. Is Twitter the right fit for your business, however? Here are four reasons you should consider adding it to your social presence portfolio:

Twitter Blue:

While the site’s infamous “blue checkmark” verification system is admittedly having a bit of an identity crisis in 2022, it bears repeating that Twitter originated the now-iconic signaling method in 2009. As new owner Elon Musk irons out the details of how the program will work post-acquisition, the blue checkmark is still a powerful tool for locking down consumer trust. Twitter’s nearly 300 million users associate the symbol with verification, and that kind of instant recognition is something companies may otherwise strive for years to gain organically.

Real Time Engagement:

The speed of Twitter’s overall feed lends itself to the look and feel of natural conversation. It’s very easy for a customer (or potential customer) to simply “tag” your business by placing your username in a comment or question - no following is required. Additionally, Twitter hashtags (e.g. #YourBrandNameGoesHere) are linked and clickable throughout the site, regardless of whether users are following one another. This technique makes it easy to instantly launch an interactive link for new products, a special brand event, a contest, and so on.

An Ear to the Door:

Want to know what social media users are saying about your brand, company, or products? It’s quick and easy with a Twitter search, and certain third-party apps and aggregate programs can even be set to notify you each time you’re mentioned. This in turn enables you to near-instantly respond to potential reputation-impacting events, like a celebrity shout out or a trending complaint that needs to be addressed. (While you don’t technically need a Twitter account to peek at the organic chats happening around your brand, you will need one to join the conversation!)

Eyeing the Competition:

While all marketing can and should be organic, it never hurts to take periodic glances at what your Twitter competitors are up to. Twitter’s transparency and tendency towards public posts-vs-private ones allow you a rare opportunity to watch your rivals. Their follower lists, for example, are a ready-made group of individuals primed to respond to your products and services. In other words, follow their followers and give yourself a head start in the marketing race! Additionally, the timing of their posts can offer valuable insight into the best time windows for posting your own branded content on Twitter.

Are you ready to harness the power of Twitter to elevate your own business and expand your reach? Let our dedicated, client-focused team help you leverage social media presence into profit by getting you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media outlets. Contact Kick Digital Media today to get started - we’re ready to help you identify potential benefits, seize opportunities, and go viral.

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