5 Reasons Your Small Business Can Afford PPC Marketing

Let me guess, you’re running a small business and the thought of running a paid advertising campaign has got you on the fence?

You’ve been experimenting with content marketing and SEO but you’re not sure about directly paying for PPC marketing.

Often the first thing a small business owner wants to know about digital marketing is “are google ads worth it and if so, how much should we be spending?”.

So we’ve put together this list of five reasons why your small business can afford PPC marketing to help you better understand its worth.

1. Jump The Queue

An effective search engine marketing strategy usually includes a combination of SEO and SEM.

The reason is that SEO (search engine optimization) is a long term strategy to get organic traffic to your website, while SEM (search engine marketing) gets you instant results.

SEO is important, and when you start to see results, they are arguably more effective than PPC advertising as people trust organic content over advertising. The thing is that it usually takes about six to twelve months to see results from SEO.

PPC marketing allows you to exchange your dollars for a place at the top of the queue (or at least close to it) so that you can start getting traffic and measuring your results straight away while building up your organic SEO.

PPC marketing allows for small businesses to compete with the giants in their industry. If the only way to compete was through SEO alone, it would be such a disheartening competition that most small businesses would abandon it straight away.

Your PPC results depend on how much you can afford to bid, and the quality score Google decides to give you. This score is based on your keyword and ad relevancy combined with the quality of your landing page.

These variables definitely take some tweaking, but you can see straight away what works and what doesn’t, unlike SEO which is much more of a waiting game.

2. See a Faster Return On Investment

With PPC marketing, you can expect to see results straight away, which means you can measure your results and work your ad campaign until you reach your target ROI.

The results from PPC are much easier to measure than content marketing and SEO. This is for a couple of reasons.

You only get charged when your ad is clicked on. You can calculate how many clicks you need to make a sale which gives you a good idea of how much you need to spend to get your money back and make a profit.

PPC marketing also brings people closer to the end of your sales funnel because you can target your advertising to searchers who are already looking for your product. This is not really the case with SEO which is more an awareness strategy that brings leads into the top of your funnel.

Even if your PPC ads are only paying for themselves at first, they will still give you other benefits like increased brand awareness and consideration.

3. Focus on EPC – Earning Per Click

This brings me to the most important metric to look at with PPC advertising.

A lot of marketers are focused on getting the best cost per click that they can without giving any thought to their earning per click.

This is understandable and necessary but is not where the real power of PPC marketing is leveraged.

Calculating your EPC is easy, just divide the amount of money you’ve made by the number of clicks your ad received. This is the simplest way to tell if you are making money from your PPC ads.

You can have the cheapest PPC on Google Ads, but if those leads aren’t upping your earnings, you can’t expand your efforts. If your leads are increasing your profits you can afford to pay more per click and increase your competitiveness.

4. PPC Marketing Allows You To Choose Your Budget

Another one of the many benefits of digital marketing is the low entry point for advertising. With most modern advertising channels advertisers can set their own budgets. Google AdWords is one of them.

You can set your monthly marketing budget to something as little as $50 per month or less. This gives you the space to get comfortable with PPC marketing and try out a few different approaches while working within a budget that works for you.

This is another reason why PPC makes you more competitive, you can enter the paid advertising arena on whatever budget works for you.

5. Consider Customer Lifetime Value

Lastly, consider the lifetime value of your customers when looking at the cost of PPC.

Customer acquisition costs five times as much as customer retention, so once you’ve gained a customer you have the opportunity to nurture them instead of constantly paying for new leads.

The lifetime value of a customer makes the initial cost of gaining them seem minor if you’re prepared to nurture them beyond a single purchase.

Ready to Grow Your Business with Google Ads?

Success with Google Ads can help your business leverage the benefits of search engines without spending months or even years perfecting your SEO.

Quicker results mean you can fine-tune your advertising, website, and marketing spend while your other long term marketing strategies build in the background.

Don’t let the details of digital marketing overwhelm you. At Kick Digital Media we specialize in helping businesses grow with PPC marketing plus a huge range of other digital strategies.

Feel free to get in touch and get your marketing off the ground with us today.



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