Importance of Local Citations

Making local citations a critical part of your SEO strategy can help you rank higher in Google Maps and Google. However, if your NAP isn’t appearing in local directories or other citations, you’re throwing away promising leads and sales. Learn what local citations are and why they are important to your business. Then, partner with the industry leader in local SEO to get your name out there so more locals can find your business.

What Are Local Citations?

Local citations are online mentions of your business. They can include a partial or complete listing of the following:

  • Name of business
  • Address
  • Phone number

The acronym NAP is used to describe local citations. They can occur on websites, applications, social platforms and business directories. Every time your name appears somewhere where local customers can see it, you’re potentially increasing your customer base. If you need more reasons to actively monitor your local citations, we have four major ones for your consideration.

Four Reasons To Pay Attention to Local Citations

You can use local citations to improve your search rankings, help customers find your business faster and get more reviews. However, with attention comes exposure, so make sure that you’re confident in your products and services prior to focusing on local citations.

1. Improve Search Rankings

Local citations can boost your search rankings. However, if local directories, social media platforms or other sites provide the wrong information, this can hurt your business.

Let’s say you have a hair salon and move to a new location. With the move comes a new address and phone number. However, if you haven’t informed customers, you’re moving or updating your online listings, how will they be able to find you? Further, Google won’t treat you kindly if you have bad information about your business in several places.

Now consider this — as part of your relocation strategy, you update your address and telephone number across all local listings customers are likely to view. In this scenario, Google’s spiders will see the new information in multiple places and use it in search rankings for customers looking for services and products like yours.

2. Make It Easy To Find Your Business

It’s great to come up in searches where customers are looking for products and services like yours. However, if customers see conflicting information in local citations, they’re likely to go with a listing for a less confusing competitor. If you provide consistent information, coupled with other smart local SEO strategies, you can increase impressions, attract visitors to your website and bring more foot traffic to your address.

In short, putting the right information in front of customers will make it easier for them to look up online reviews and other information about what you do.

3. Encourage Third Party Reviews

Google Maps looks at the prominence of business NAP in local listings. If you have positive ratings across multiple local citations, your ranking improves. So, encourage customers to add reviews to all local business listings that matter.

4. Suppress Duplicate Listings

Search engines like consistency. When you ensure that local listings have the right information about your business, it’s good for your rankings. At the same time, competitors with inaccurate information across multiple listings fall to the bottom of search results.

Local Citations and SEO Services with an Industry Leader

When you partner with Kick Digital, you gain access to experts with years of experience in local Search Engine Optimization. Let us help you understand the importance of local citations to SEO. We’ll help improve your visibility and increase your success in attracting local customers.

Do you need help finding and updating local citations? Kick Digital can provide the guidance you need to rise to the top of search pages. Contact us today for answers to your SEO questions and to find a winning strategy to attract more customers.

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