How Press Releases Can Help Your Business

Chances are you know what press releases are, but how much can they help for increasing sales and revenue?

If your customers trust you more, they are more inclined to invest more in your company. There are few better ways to build trust than with genuine, detailed press releases that inform the reader.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the many reasons why your business should consider a digital marketing strategy with monthly or bi-monthly press releases…

Press Releases Help a Business to Gain Instant Exposure

The first key way in which a press release can help your small or large business is by earning instant exposure.

Exposure can be an expensive thing. Getting eyes on your business can be one of the toughest aspects of sales overall for a company.

That’s why gaining instant exposure from press releases is a massive benefit. They are a proven way of getting people interested in a particular product or service.

The fact this exposure is instant is also a huge bonus, as it creates an immediate buzz around your company. When investing in marketing it can often take weeks or months to see a positive impact. But with a press release, you can see the changes happen almost instantly!

This is ideal to push your company just that little bit further in the present moment.

They Are a Distributed Form of Coverage

With press releases, their very nature means that they are distributed to several different outlets.

This is a major benefit for your business also, as it means that your press release will be covered on numerous different platforms. That means that your marketing isn’t stuck to one place, such as your website or your social media outlet.

Instead, it’s being shared across several different news channels, all with their audiences and readers. That maximizes the number of eyes that could be on your products or services as a result.

It also means that you get a diverse range of people hearing about your product. This can be brilliant for entering into new target demographics, or even recognizing target demographics you’d never considered before!

They Help Build Your SEO

Press releases have grown a new benefit in recent years thanks to the continued importance of SEO.

Often when it comes to SEO, the number of times your business has genuinely been mentioned on an external website contributes to your ranking.

With press releases, you’re able to mention your business across several different platforms. That means you’re building your SEO over several different outlets.

It allows many readers a link to your website, but also allows your website to build its SEO presence appropriately. That means that a press release ends up serving two major functions. It helps bring you customers, but it also provides a huge boost to your marketing efforts moving forward.

They’re a Great Way to Build Trust in Your Expertise

Press releases are a good way to build trust in you as an individual, as a business and also to build trust in your products through digital marketing.

As press releases are often shared wildly through trusted news websites, the content found within will earn newfound importance. What you’re saying on a particular topic proves your expertise in the specific area.

When a press release is directly linked with your business, it shows how knowledgeable your business is within the sector. This is hugely important, as trust continues to play a major role in trading today.

They Build Your Overall Standing Within Your Sector

Thanks to the universal manner in which news channels are often consumed, press releases can build your company’s overall standing within your sector.

Take for instance a press release about a recent award your company has received. By sharing this with many different news outlets, you’re showing a wide audience how successful your company has recently become.

This, in turn, makes your company one of the go-to names in the sector at that present time. If you keep this up with new press releases in the future, then you can ensure that your company is always in the public eye.

This puts you at a much stronger standing with your competitors than you would be if you didn’t invest in press releases. It’s all about coming across as the ideal business for the job.

If your business is the one being heard about, customers will wonder why the other companies aren’t being mentioned and assume it is because yours is superior. This is an excellent way to get an edge over your competition in the marketplace.

And More

Now you know some of the major ways that press releases help small businesses, but that’s not all! They can also help you gain a greater understanding of your overall sector among many other huge benefits.

But most importantly of all, today, crafting a strong press release and circulating it is easier than ever before. This is thanks to dedicated digital media companies who can help you with all aspects of your digital marketing.

Here at Kick Digital Media, we pride ourselves on being one of the best digital marketing teams around. We can help you with content writing, social media, web design, and, most importantly to this post, press releases!

We’re experienced in helping businesses from numerous sectors, from F&B to healthcare and more.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help with your press releases in the future, make sure you contact us directly.

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