4 Incredibly Effective SEO Marketing Strategies in 2020

Since 92% of people don’t bother to scroll past the first page when making Google searches, ranking highly in search engines needs to be a top priority for any business. This may sound like an overwhelming challenge, but it’s easy when you use the right SEO marketing strategies.

Here, we’re going to talk about the greatest SEO trends in 2020 that are sure to get you higher traffic. Read on for some tips on how to generate more leads for your business’s official website and get a higher volume of clicks than ever before!

1. Keyword Research Will Skyrocket

Researching keywords and finding those with the highest search volume concerning your website has always been an essential part of SEO. In 2020, though, the importance of doing this is going to skyrocket even further.

Why is this?

Well, it’s pretty simple. For one thing, almost all of your competitors are using SEO services. They’re taking the keywords that are most essential to their webpage- and yours!- and using them to expand the reach of their own services. For a direct competitor, this is bad news- you’ll be pushed down in the search engine after multiple pages on their websites.

Using keyword research blocks this from happening. If you use SEO services appropriately by hiring experts that know what they’re doing, you aren’t going to be overtaken by your most successful competitors.

Furthermore, the way that people use Google is shifting. Rather than just being a search engine in the traditional sense, Google has essentially become an answering machine. People type in a question and read the answer that’s shown at the top of the page, usually on their Smartphone.

Do you know that box that appears with a two-sentence answer to the question? That’s what we’re talking about.

The content that appears in that box is determined by keyword use. The answer given will always correspond to the exact search terms given by the person using the search engine. Keywords are essential to being in that box!

2. Incorporate Video Content

According to recent numbers, 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video about a product or service.

Video SEO is obviously a bit different than regular SEO. You aren’t producing blog content incorporating keywords and backlinks because there’s no way for search engine crawlers to watch the video and identify this content.

Instead, video SEO is basically optimizing the video content that you produce. The goal is to index and rank it on the search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches.

This is done in a few steps. First, you’ll need to select a video hosting platform that works based on your goals. Ask yourself why you want to rank in search engines. Do you want more clicks and lead generation? Or is your goal to gain awareness for your brand? Research video platforms based on this answer.

Then, you’ll work with an SEO professional to script and shoot!

Once that’s done, these pros will insert a video transcript to go with the video content they produce. This will make your videos more accessible to search engine crawlers because of the keyword-rich text on the page.

Finally, SEO experts will pay close attention to the name and description of your video. This is another way to gather the attention of search engine bots. Load up these text-based descriptions on keywords, but don’t keyword stuff. They still need to be engaging and clickable!

3. Local SEO

As the world moves in the direction of handheld convenience, the amount of Google searches made from iPhone and Android is on the rise.

If you’re like 82% of consumers, the number of searches for services ‘near me’ that you make vastly exceeds other searches on your Smartphone. This means that if you want to find an Italian restaurant in your area, you’re likely to type in ‘Italian restaurants near me.’ Three results will appear on your phone screen, and you’re probably going to choose one of them for your date night.

If this sounds like something you do- and we’re almost certain that it does- you’re going to want to consider what this means for potential clients of your business.

Local SEO is a great way to target people in your area who make ‘near me’ searches. This means that you’ll be reaching the people who actually have the means to come into your store or practice and inquire about the services you provide.

Another reason that local SEO is so important is that your competitors are using it! What if a consumer in your area searches for services like yours? If you don’t have local SEO and a competitor does, they’ll be in the results of the search instead of you!

For these reasons, getting local SEO is an absolute necessity in today’s world.

4. Combine SEO and SEM

In addition to SEO, there’s something called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM is essentially a service that lets you bid on slots on other websites to show your PPC ads there. When you bid on relevant keywords, your ad will be shown in the Google sidebar (or top of the Smartphone screen) on consumer devices.

Businesses are coming to their senses in 2020 and realizing that combining these two services puts you on the path to being unstoppable.

For one thing, SEO takes about six months for any concrete effect to show up. While it’s incredibly effective as soon as it takes off, how will you be garnering traffic during the waiting period?

SEM takes effect basically immediately. It’s a great way to get clicks while you wait for your SEO services to take effect.

SEM also targets consumers that otherwise wouldn’t have clicked on your webpage. Everyone who finds you via SEO has searched for related keywords and it actively looking for services like yours.

SEM will place your ads on other, related pages so that people who a) didn’t know they needed your services, or b) hadn’t heard of services like yours can learn about you!

More SEO Marketing Strategies to Try

While promoting your business can be a challenge, SEO services make it simple and effective to get the word about your services out there.

Now that you know some of the best SEO marketing strategies that can promote your business in 2020, it’s time to start getting the best content for your blog. Click here to hire knowledgeable SEO professionals who are dedicated to producing for you the most interesting, unique, and creative content on the web.


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