Why is Mobile SEO Important?

Search engine optimization can seem quite complex to a newcomer, as there are many nuances and sub-types of SEO. For instance, one of the most important SEO models to invest in is specialized optimization for mobile searches. However, it might not be immediately obvious why that’s the case. There are several reasons why mobile SEO is of paramount importance for any business.

Why is Mobile SEO Important?

While there’s a broad overlap between mobile SEO and general-purpose optimization, there are key differences between the two. Failing to properly optimize for mobile devices will result in your website failing to reach its full potential, for a variety of reasons.

Desktop Formatting Isn’t Suited to Phones

Anyone who’s been using a smartphone for a long time will remember loading up a web page that wasn’t designed for mobile. When a web page attempts to use the same formatting for mobile devices, it tends to be clunky and difficult to operate. If your website isn’t intuitive and practical for mobile users, they will simply find what they’re looking for elsewhere.

Mobile SEO Isn’t Just Content

The ultimate purpose of mobile SEO is to take into account the differences between mobile and desktop platforms, utilize the strengths of mobile devices, and negate their weaknesses. This comes in many forms, such as offering content layouts and interfaces that are better suited to narrow displays and touch screens.

However, it also means accounting for the fact that phones are generally weaker than computers. Likewise, you need to take into account differences in attitude. When someone is using a mobile device, page loading speed and efficiency become even more important than usual.

Phone-Based Searchers Want Speed

While long loading times are a considerable turn-off for people using any sort of device, this is much truer with mobile devices. Statistics from Google show that if a web page takes over three seconds to load, over 50% of all mobile users will leave and look for a different website. While this wait isn’t so bad on a computer, it clashes with the speed and convenience people expect from mobile devices.

Cutting down on your loading time can require redesigning your mobile interface and content layout from scratch. While that may sound like a lot of work, it’s well worth it for one simple reason; mobile devices have long since overtaken laptops and desktops.

Roughly 60% of All Web Searches Start from a Mobile Device

When someone wants an answer to their question, a product, a service, or anything else, they’re most likely to search by mobile. While the numbers vary by industry, this also means that mobile searches make up even more than 60% of searches for certain types of websites. Overall, neglecting mobile SEO could result in you missing out on almost two-thirds of all the benefits you hope to gain via search engine optimization. Overall, mobile SEO isn’t merely important; it’s completely indispensable.

First-Class Mobile SEO

If you haven’t updated your website with mobile SEO yet, you’re missing out on many potential visits, leads, and conversions on your website. However, Kick Digital Media can help; we’re a team of SEO experts that can provide your website with unbeatable optimization for mobile. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you with your SEO.

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