Why Do I Need Marketing for My Attorney or Law Firm

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When someone needs legal services, the first place they’re apt to look today is online. They’ll visit their favorite search engine, which is most often Google, and search for “attorneys near me.” If you’ve taken steps to market your law firm effectively, market it by digital means, your firm should appear in the search results–hopefully early on in those results. If you haven’t invested in marketing your business to your local target audience, you’re probably not getting nearly as much business as you could be. And if your competitors are marketing effectively online, they’re getting the calls that you might have gotten with a better marketing plan.

When designing a plan to market your business, there are some key factors it needs to ensure its success:

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which you can improve your law firm website’s rank with search engines like Google. It involves both on-page tactics like improved website loading speed and off-page tactics like appearance in digital business directories. By improving your SEO, you can move up in page rank so that people engaged in an organic search for lawyers in their locality will see your website listed early in the results. If it’s not listed on page one of those results, it’s not getting the clicks it could be.

Social Media Marketing

Legal firms that market on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can also support their SEO initiatives while enhancing their brand recognition and more effectively engaging with their target audience. Your legal firm can also advertise on social media sites to their target audience in order to increase more traffic to the firm’s website and, ideally, to secure more clients.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing (PPC) is a form of digital advertising that is extremely relevant. This form of advertising is ideal for generating more leads. The more quality traffic that lands on your firm’s website, the more likely that calls for legal services will increase. PPC marketing is essential in highly competitive areas. If there are many law firms that focus on the areas of law that you do, PPC marketing is one strategy you can employ to compete with your competition.


Yes! You can even market with high-quality content like a professional blog or your expertly crafted articles that appear online. As an attorney, you have specialized knowledge that people need. Naturally, they’d need to hire you in order to obtain your services, but you can attract them by showing off your expertise with authoritative content that is relevant to your practice. For instance, if you represent clients after auto accidents, you can list informative articles like what to do after an accident or what information is contained in an accident report. Content can also support your SEO goals.

Like any business, attorneys need to market their services as effectively as possible. Today, digital marketing solutions are among the most effective measures that businesses can take to win more customers or clients. By developing these key marketing elements, you can better market your law firm to your local audience and increase your business.

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