What are the Different Types of Digital Marketing?

Out of the seven billion people currently populating the planet, it’s a good bet to presume that six billion are influenced by some form of digital marketing technique every day. In fact, traditional marketing strategies (print, radio commercials, static billboards) have almost reached the end of their extinction event, wiped out by the rapid domination of digital marketing over the past 20 years. 

Digital marketing is the exact opposite of the two-dimensional, no-options, passive styles of marketing used by businesses before the start of the 21st century. Today, the basic objectives of digital marketing strategies are to create viral videos, garner hundreds of thousands of shares on social media sites, and rank high on Google searches. 

Search Engine Optimization: the Bedrock of Digital Marketing

Professionally done SEO intends to get your website on page one of a Google query by incorporating authoritative contentcorrectly adhering to the rules of Google’s search algorithms, and increasing traffic to a company’s website and social media accounts.

Well-written content and single or phrase-style keywords are vital to optimizing site content. However, SEO involves many other strategies to maximize the ability to convert “searchers” into “buyers”:

Content indexing–since search engine crawlers can’t “hear” videos or view images, you need to include alt text to content. Alt text is simply text describing audio and video media so that crawlers can validate and rank content. 

Call to Actions–CTAs must be persuasive, concise, and communicate the attractiveness of an offer without being “sales-y”. As essential triggers for enjoying a successful inbound marketing strategy, CTAs are primarily responsible for driving traffic to landing pages that a host offers. They can be optimized by hyperlinking them to images, text, and visually engaging “buttons” that advertise the offer.

Incorporating Authoritative Links in Content: links should be “reputable”, a metric determined by their placement in search engines or with Google Page Rank. Links ending with .org, .gov, or .edu are considered authoritative websites that enhance SEO.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has a groundless reputation as being “spammy”. In fact, it’s the farthest thing from spam email you can imagine. Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy capable of delivering influential commercial messages to hundreds of thousands of consumers who love doing what consumers do best–buy stuff!

Compelling email marketing strategies build brand awareness, loyalty, and trust for a company. Email marketing should also diversify among several media types, specifically newsletters, brochures, and conversational advertisements instead of direct “hard” sales and invitations to contests.

Pay-per-Click (PPC)

PPC is the primary digital marketing advertising method on Instagram, Google, and Facebook. PPC campaigns involve the advertiser paying a specific amount of money to a PPC program when someone clicks on their ad. Clicking the ad automatically sends the user to the advertiser’s website, where the goal is to persuade the user to register or buy something.

Social Media Marketing

Incorporating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok buttons on your website is the cornerstone of developing a successful social media marketing strategy. Developing a reputation for being an “influencer” in your particular industry, improving search engine ranking, increasing traffic (and ultimately, conversion rates), and optimizing customer service satisfaction are just a few of dozens of benefits a company reaps by using professionally constructed social media marketing strategies. 

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