What Are Examples Of Content Marketing?

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A well-implemented content marketing strategy can help increase the volume of quality traffic to your website, create awareness and generate quality leads to sustain healthy sales growth. A recent CMI B2C content marketing stats reveal 86 percent of highly successful B2C marketers view content marketing as a crucial strategy. If content marketing is on your mind, the following real-life content marketing examples can inspire and get you started.

Content Marketing Blogging Examples

One of the most rewarding types of content marketing is blogging. Blogging helps provide helpful information that retains customer’s attention and interest while fueling your SEO efforts. A few examples of organizations that leverage blogging include:

Buffer: Buffer used guest blogging to fuel their start-up growth. The company focused on creating and publishing content on highly visible sites daily. This strategy helped the company attract its first 100,000 users.

HubSpot: HubSpot’s success is a perfect example of content marketing done right. The company used content marketing to create informative blog posts on issues their visitors care about. They also develop an educational and content sharing hub called Inbound.org that has 321,000 visitors each day. This tool provides opportunities for the company to promote its partnership programs.

Social Media Marketing and SEO Examples

Content marketing that involves social shares can help indirectly with search ranking and lead generation. Some of the companies doing it right with this strategy include:

GE: GE is an excellent example of inspiring B2B content marketing examples. The company leveraged an Instagram content marketing campaign to promote various products, including wind turbines, jet engines, and locomotives. GE combined the campaign with influencer marketing to do the #GEInstaWalk that involved touring the company’s facilities while taking and uploading pictures. This campaign received 8 million views, 3 million reaches per tour, and 3000 new users.

Intrepid Travel: Intrepid Travel leveraged a content hub known as The Journal to feature stories from real travelers who share their experiences. This helped the company to connect more with its primary audience. The other part of Intrepid’s content marketing strategy involved posting inspirational travel images from travelers on social media platforms.

Visual Content Marketing Examples

Images are the backbone of social media. Notably, tweets that feature images enjoy a 65 percent better chance of being re-tweeted. Studies reveal, including images in a blog post results in 94 percent more views. Some of the companies that have perfected visual content marketing include:

Zomato: Zomato is a popular restaurant finder mobile app with a presence in 24 countries. The company creates and shares images of different cultures and cuisines to boost its online presence and engage prospective customers.

Rolex: Rolex is leveraging visual content marketing through top-notch photography that displays the timelessness and quality of their watches. This strategy has helped Rolex gain over 7 million Instagram followers and around 6.6 million on Facebook.

EBooks and Resources example

EBooks and resources can help you create awareness about your brand. Some of the companies enjoying runaway success with this strategy include:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn’s landing pages feature a series of tips and stats that raises the user’s interest. LinkedIn has been producing more marketing guides to enable new visitors to opt-in immediately to their platform.

Simply Business: Simply Business is a UK insurance firm known for producing a series of valuable tips and guides. The company has used its guides and eBooks to attract and wow thousands of customers.

Get Professional Content Marketing Help

When it comes to implementing a robust content marketing strategy, one of the best decisions is hiring a team of expert content creators and managers. At Kick Digital Media, our content marketing professionals create high-quality content with precise messaging that ensures you enjoy a higher ranking on the Google search engine. In addition to publishing new content regularly, experts ensure your content maintains a consistent voice and tone. If you need help with your content marketing implementation, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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