Website Design Tips for Drug Rehab Centers

What if the best way to help rehab patients had nothing to do with rehab itself?

Those suffering from drug dependence and addiction cannot seek help if they don’t know that help is available. And they won’t rely on your own drug rehab center unless your website helps convince them to make an appointment.

The solution is simple: by embracing a few basic website design tips, you can create a website that really puts your business on the map. And more importantly, your improved online marketing will allow you to help more people than ever before.

Wondering which design tips you should follow? Here are a few of our favorite ideas!

1. Simplified Design and Layout

When you first design a website, it’s tempting to throw everything and the kitchen sink into the design. However, it’s important to simplify your site for maximum readability.

For example, too many images can be annoying and confusing for someone checking your site on a smartphone. And boring stock images may be a turnoff because they make your business look cheap and generic.

Finally, try to keep text content short and simple. From landing pages to blogs, potential patients don’t want to climb a mountain of text.

2. Use Responsive Design

If you didn’t already know, the majority of users now access the internet through smartphones and other mobile devices. And that makes it more important than ever that you embrace responsive design.

What is responsive design? In short, this is a website design trick that perfectly resizes your site to suit whatever screen is accessing it. Using responsive design is a time-saver compared to alternatives such as developing separate desktop and mobile versions of each page.

3. Answer Those FAQs

Drug rehabilitation is a fairly intimate process. Before a patient commits to your services, they need to feel like they can trust you and your staff.

One of the best ways to build that trust is to answer customer questions right away. And that means adding a “Frequently Asked Questions” section to your website.

If you answer their main questions as soon as they arrive, you’ll quickly win their trust.

4. Easy Navigation

You must focus on making navigation easy and intuitive. Consider adding a central navigation hub to all pages. With one click, this hub can point users back to any pages they are interested in.

Also, consider a simplified landing page with section links (such as “About Us” and “Visiting Hours”) at the top. This makes it easy for a new visitor to find whatever they want while leaving the landing page free of clutter.

5. Social Media Connection

Ideally, you should organically connect your site to other channels such as your social media accounts.

For example, you can add some “social share” buttons to different sections of your site. This lets users share important information with their social media friends and followers with the press of a button.

Your audience is relatively likely to share information. Modern demographics such as millennials are more open to discussing the need for help in the face of issues such as addiction and mental illness.

6. Clear and Precise Contact Info

It’s important to have clear and precise contact info on your site. Prospective patients should have phone numbers and e-mail addresses for key personnel. If you provide a different number for emergencies, you should list this number as well.

You can repeat basic information (such as an address, front desk number, and general email address) at the top or bottom of every page. And you should include more robust info as part of a separate “Contact Us” page on your site.

7. Professional Photos

Whenever you use photos, then, you should rely on professional photographers.

Use different photographers with different specialties as needed. Someone with extensive landscape experience can take exterior shots of your rehab center. And those with corporate experience can take professional photos of key staff members.

It’s very important to include those photos of staff members. Photos let patients match names and faces and helps them imagine getting help from a friendly face.

8. Clear Calls to Action

Your website has a singular goal: to help you convert customers. To do that, you must have an assortment of calls to action throughout the site.

The bottom of the funnel CTA for your site should be buttons that initiate e-mails and phone calls. This helps prospective patients immediately reach out.

Use other CTAs where appropriate. Prompts to download brochures or open Google maps builds trust while providing relevant information to customers.

9. Use White Space

White space is your “secret weapon” when it comes to website design. Selective use of white space makes your site more readable and much easier for readers to scan through.

Additionally, negative space can help draw attention to the visual elements on your page. This provides a simple way to help those professional photographs really “pop” off the page.

White space also works well with buttons. Removing the clutter around CTA and share buttons encourages smartphone users to tap those links.

10. The “You” Factor

The last website design tip involves language. Most rehab center websites focusing on a lot of “our” language. This includes comments about “our mission” and “our values.”

To really convert customers, though, you need to use patient-centered language. Add informative sections with labels such as “your journey” and “your success story.”

Changing the “our” language to “your” is a simple design change for your site. But it helps establish a relationship with customers while showcasing that your primary focus is their well-being.

Website Design for Your Drug Rehab Center

Now you have some basic website design inspiration for your rehab center. But do you know who can help you take your rehab marketing in a revolutionary direction?

If your website needs a killer design, the solution is simple: you need to hire design experts. And that’s exactly where we come in.

We specialize in all aspects of healthcare marketing. Whether you want to make a splashy debut or simply grow your center, all you have to do is contact us today.


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