HVAC Advertising 101: Why Online Marketing Is Crucial for HVAC Business Success

Does your HVAC business struggle to reach new customers online?

It can feel like you’re doing everything right, but somehow, new clients just aren’t reaching out. As a local small business owner, your business is your livelihood and it can be tough in a competitive market.

If you’re new to marketing, or your current marketing strategy just isn’t working, you might want to try some new techniques.

To improve your HVAC advertising, read on to learn why marketing is so important for your business, plus what you can do to improve your revenue and attract new leads.

Why Is Online HVAC Advertising Important?

As a local business, reputation is everything. You want your HVAC marketing to be reputable and attract return customers, but you also need to gain new customers.

Most homeowners will need HVAC help at some point, so you want them to think of your company first. Then, you want them to recommend you to their friends! If done properly, advertising can cement your business as the industry leader for your local area, get you noticed online, and keep your loyal customers happy and engaged with the business.

Marketing and advertising are essential for any small business, and there are lots of suggestions below on how you can get noticed.

Build a Social Media Presence

Like it or not, social media is here to stay. Your business needs a solid social media plan, especially on Facebook. You can use Facebook to quickly engage with customers via Facebook Messenger, customers can tag your services in posts and leave positive reviews, and more.

Customers expect businesses these days to have a Facebook page, and they may be surprised if they can’t find you online.

Facebook is also a fantastic advertising tool that lets you specifically target those in your local area. Both video and optimized images work well in Facebook ads for generating leads.

Utilize Google My Business

If you’re not on Google My Business yet, then you’re missing out on a fantastic HVAC advertising opportunity.

Google My Business is a free tool for local business owners and a great way to get noticed by new customers. Create and verify your business profile to create a profile of your company, complete with a photo, contact details, opening hours, and a link to your website.

This will also create an entry for your business on Google Maps, allowing your HVAC company to show up on local maps.

In addition, you can add videos of your business and customers can leave reviews. You’ll also receive valuable insight and data as to your potential customers, useful for targeted marketing campaigns.

Use Videos

Should video be a part of your marketing strategy? Yes! Use your video content across all aspects of your promotional activities— on your website and blogs, on social media, and as part of your ad campaigns.

Video lets potential clients gain insight into your company. They can hear from your staff, see the work your company has done, and you can display your authenticity and trustworthiness through well-made videos.

Videos can increase user engagement and time on page and are a fun way to keep regular clients updated while also attracting new clients.

Run Online Ad Campaigns

Online ad campaigns are one of the most effective ways for HVAC businesses to generate new leads.

Using pay-per-click digital (PPC) marketing, you can develop a specific and targeted online advertising campaign. Using specifics, such as demographics, age, interests, or location to narrow down your audience to the exact type of customer you’d like to target.

Once the ads go live, you only pay for ads that get results— that is, you pay per click. With PPC, you’ll see increased web traffic to your site, new inquiries, and your advertising dollars will be effectively spent.

Businesses of all sizes use PPC, such as Google Ads, to reach a new audience.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are very useful for ensuring your business stays in front of mind with your customers. With marketing campaigns, you can release special offers just for your subscribers and create incentives for them to use your services.

If you don’t already have an email database, start one today, as this is valuable data and a direct line to reach your best customers. You can also strengthen relationships with your clients, drive traffic to your website, and use email to build momentum for any upcoming campaigns or sales.

Update Your Website Regularly

If you don’t already have a website, setting one up should be your first step. Your HVAC business needs a ‘home’ on the internet, and websites can be set up quickly and easily.

Spend some time learning the basics of SEO, or search engine optimization, to ensure you are building your website correctly. SEO can drive traffic to your site by getting your site to page one of search engines like Google.

Consider adding a blog to your site, as blogs can provide updates, demonstrate your credibility and skills, and even answer common questions from your customers.

If you do have a blog, update it and post regularly. This signals to Google that your website is active and current, which helps with SEO.

In addition, your website should be mobile optimized, meaning it looks and performs well on mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. With so many potential customers searching on their phones for HVAC businesses, you want to make sure your website looks professional on any device.

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