How to Generate Local Business through Google Maps

Have you ever been running errands, realized your gas was running low, and asked Google to find you a nearby gas station? Maybe you’ve used Google to pull up restaurants nearby or other service providers. Simply being locatable through Google Maps can go a long way toward helping you connect with local business. By claiming your Google Business Profile, you can allow potential customers to find your location more easily.

Since claiming your profile is free, it’s absolutely a must for small businesses seeking local traffic. But, how do you translate that profile into more business walking through your doors?

Create an Engaging, SEO-Friendly Profile

When you first claim your business profile, you can generate a lot of content. For some businesses, this profile is essentially a replacement for a website. You post your store hours, contact information, and a brief overview of what customers can expect at your location. If you have a website, you can also use your profile to funnel more traffic to your site.

To turn your GBP into a selling tool, you need to include keywords that are likely to drive traffic. For example, a clothing store would want to emphasize its apparel options to catch as many top keyword searches as possible. Keep in mind, your location will only pop up on Google maps if your profile has keywords that match the search term used by potential customers. That’s why you should include a top-level list of the keywords you hear most from customers.

Consider Promoting Your Pin

While all the organic traffic you generate is free, there are some paid advertising options that can also help you improve your foot traffic. You can add features like curb-side pickup or delivery to your business profile and use that to promote your business. Anyone searching for pickup from a business like your would then see your pin posted in a square shape to stand out from the crowd. You can also pay for keyword promotions to help boost your store to the top of the list. If there are dozens of restaurants in your area, you’ll need to think carefully about which keywords you want to push and pay for.

Don’t Forget Digital Advertising

In addition to promoting your pin or paying for prominent placement via keyword searches, you can also pay for localized advertising. Don’t waste money showing your ads to people outside your geographic area. With targeted, local search, you’ll only generate clicks from people close enough to actually visit your store.

Get Help

If you’ve never managed an online ad campaign or tried to track your sales boost in foot traffic that started in a digital space, it can be tricky. You might not know how long to wait for Google Ads to start working before making changes to your strategy or how to focus on the best keywords for your business.

If you need help turning your Google Business Profile into a traffic generation tool, contact our team at Kick Digital Media. We’re experts at building organic traffic and managing local ad campaigns using the latest tools synced with Google Maps.

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