How Social Media Can Bring New Business

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The presence of social media has cemented a place around the world with both consumers and businesses leveraging these platforms to interact with one another. There’s no doubt that social media has the ability to create an overnight sensation and with today’s fast-paced market, those 15 seconds of fame can be enough to propel a brand to long-term success.

Modern Social Media Platforms Have Evolved

Websites that promote connecting with other online users aren’t new. Trailblazer sites like Friendster and SixDegrees paved the way for online friend circles and led to the creation of platforms such as Myspace and Facebook. Even these sites have changed drastically to what they are today and continue to adapt to consumer needs.

A pivotal part of this evolution was the introduction of paid advertising and eventually the creation of corporate accounts on, what was initially, a platform for individuals. Now over half of the world’s population has consistent internet access with over 3 billion of them actively engaging with social media platforms.

These numbers alone show that there’s no end in sight for social media’s growth, and businesses of any size can tap into its audiences. Many users have a daily routine of checking the various platforms they’ve joined which means your ads and social media pages can be placed where they’re guaranteed to be seen.

Using Social Media To Create Brand Presence

YouTube and Facebook were the second and third most visited websites in 2021 respectively, falling only behind Google. With such established congregations of consumers, it’s only natural for businesses to start putting their efforts into the digital realm.

Creating a social media account for your business allows you to put a voice to your brand, connecting directly with your target demographic. A post on a company’s Facebook page introduces a familiarity and rapport between the brand and the users. It puts your business on their mind without them being subjected to heavy-handed marketing found in many advertisements. Consumers trust a brand more if they feel they aren’t constantly trying to be sold to.

Another popular and extremely effective option for business social media is Twitter. Offering a more real-time option for communication, Twitter is perfect for quick announcements or updates that may not fit well in a full Facebook post. Instagram and TikTok are in a similar position as each one prefers quick pieces of content over longer posts, though each has a place in social media marketing.

Social Media Followers Are Loyal

Everyone wants to be part of a group that shares the same values and interests as them. Brands are able to create spaces for these users that enjoy their products, increasing their loyalty through a consistent presence.

Word of mouth has also moved to the digital landscape with shares, likes and follows being broadcast on feeds for their friends to see and engage with. The more your followers share posts and updates from your business page, the more exposure is gained and the more invested they become on a personal level.

It’s Time To Take Advantage of Social Media

There’s no reason to wait any longer on taking your business social media game to the next level. Our team of social media marketing experts at Kick Digital Media has years of experience tracking and adapting to changes in social media. 

Whether you’re just starting out or want to get your existing brand on the minds of thousands of users, reach out to Kick Digital Media today to get started.

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