How Often Should I Update My Web Design?

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It can be difficult to know when the best time to update your website is. After your initial launch, things can quickly change regarding your business which means updates need to happen. Products may be discontinued, new services may be offered now but if your website doesn’t reflect these updates then customers are left in the dark.

Your website will need updating as often as it needs it, plain and simple. It all depends on how big of an update it’s going to be. There may be small pieces of information that require changing every day but large overhauls to the web design are less frequent. As long as your mind is open to frequent updates as they’re needed, it won’t come as a surprise when it happens.

How Do I Know if My Web Design Needs Updated?

The pace at which consumers come and go through the digital realm means that the methods and best practices for web design are always evolving. Even the top website from a few years ago can look elementary compared to what’s available today. Your brand, products, services, goals and vision can all change over time as well.

If you’ve taken your company a new direction, it’s time for a new web design to remove the previous iteration of your brand. This is crucial in keeping the experience cohesive for new and old visitors alike. No one wants to see one name on an advertisement only to be met with a different brand after clicking the link.

If Your Site Isn’t Optimized, Visitors Won’t Stick Around

Being mobile-friendly is a requirement for any website in today’s digital environment, and it isn’t just phones. Websites must be accessible and fast loading on smartphones, tablets, laptops and traditional desktop computers. Not optimizing your site for all devices will alienate you from that entire user base. Updating your web design to meet this new standard will create more value for your customers than you know.

A poorly optimized site can also contribute to lower traffic. While you may get clicks, many visitors will close a webpage within 10-20 seconds if not given a reason to keep their attention there. This is especially true on mobile devices which now make up a majority of how consumers access the internet.

Optimizing each webpage is also a great opportunity to update keywords within the meta and title tags for each page and image. Not only will this help drive more traffic but it makes the pages more accessible for everyone, an area of growing importance. If your website isn’t accessible for those with trouble seeing or hearing, it’s a good time to update.

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