How Can I Prepare My Company’s Marketing for 2022?

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Forecasts for economic growth in 2020 are steadily rising, currently projecting at 4.4% according to the International Monetary Fund. What this means is that small businesses need to get ready and ride the wave in order to make up for a lackluster 2021. While resuming your normal marketing routines can help restore your baseline, there are new approaches to focus on as consumer mindsets have shifted during the pandemic.

Create Separate Short-Term Sales Goals and Long-Term Marketing Goals

Right now, the primary objective for many small businesses will simply be survival and gaining traction again. Spend your immediate future with a focus on sales and creating value for your customers. Once your basic needs are met, then pivot towards a new marketing strategy with an experienced marketing agency.

The most important aspects for 2022 marketing that our team at Kick Digital Media sees revolve around properly positioning your brand and keeping your customers informed. After dealing with such uncertain times, creating products and marketing material that are concise and genuine will show the humanity everyone needs right now.

Prioritize Open Channels of Communication

Consumers are beginning to experience life around each other again, going out to eat and spending days shopping even if they have to sport a mask during it. This means that expectations for physical shops and in-person services have never been higher after shopping digitally for over a year. So how do you help bring your brand into the flow of physical shoppers?

You’ll need to spend time getting involved with new networking groups. Work with various local retail areas to set up pop-up meeting areas where you can interact directly with customers. The goal isn’t to sell to them or offer various pitches, but instead to have casual conversations and learn what they’re most excited for now that the economy is returning to normal. Working with a marketing company allows you to free up the time needed to give your customers the value they expect.

Continue To Embrace the Digital Evolutions

Websites were once simply pages for a company to showcase who they are and what they have to offer. Now it’s become a place where customers can shop as well as talk directly to members of your company with any questions they may have. Whether this is through web chats, contact forms or social media, your website needs to be a reliable communication avenue.

Get serious about your company’s website development. Extra interactions make the experience more personal and clear writing across each page lets customers get to know your brand. Taking these steps makes potential consumers feel like they’re getting to know the company on a deeper level.

Once customers are comfortable on your site, they deserve a seamless experience from browsing to checking out their purchase. Easily spotted menu buttons and navigation tools make every purchase effortless as to not take away from the value you’ve created already. Doing this also requires regularly updating your pages to keep visitors educated on how your product can help solve their problems.

When you’re ready to start preparing for 2022, Kick Digital Media is here to help. From high-quality websites with traffic-boosting SEO to digital and social media marketing strategies that let you spend your time creating experiences that have you interacting with customers face to face.

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