How Can Digital Marketing Help My Restaurant?

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A perfect restaurant logo or mascot printed onto the most well-designed flyer to be handed out will always have place in marketing your business, but the reach and impact it holds has fallen immensely as more and more industries switch to digital marketing.

While the concept of digital marketing can seem foreign, it boils down to the same principles of creating content and advertisements that catch the eye but with the knowledge and know-how of the digital landscape.

Your Website Is Now Your Restaurant’s Resume

More and more customers are doing their research on a company before they decide to spend money there, no matter the industry. One of the more unique challenges of an eating establishment is showcasing just how great your food is!

Websites allow for you to showcase your perfectly crafted dishes, high-quality ingredients and customer reviews. Taking time to create these assets means they can be used for your Google listing as well, letting hungry Google users see a snapshot of your food which is what will drag them in through their eyes and their stomach.

Speaking of Google Listings

Your restaurant can rise in popularity whether it’s brand new or simply hitting the digital scene for the first time if your Google listing and website search engine optimization, or SEO, are completed in full.

Google listings that provide details on the type of food you sell, your hours of operation, delivery and pick-up options, your website and most importantly your photos will help customers be sold to choose you right then and there. Truly a “love at first sight” moment all through the covert marketing tactics used to get you into the spotlight.

Get Personal With Digital Marketing Through Social Media

Creating a presence for your restaurant online through SEO and search engine listings is great for being discovered, but expanding that presence to the corners of your online reach can help start the digital word of mouth referrals. When done digitally though, it turns word of mouth from a one-to-one exchange to a one-to-hundreds or thousands!

Using the same tactics of production-quality pictures and company descriptions, you can turn a social media page into another testament of your restaurants values and exceptional service. Getting started can seem tough, but if you truly offer a world-class dining experience or taste sensation then affiliate marketing can make this easier.

Popular personalities and social media pages will happily showcase the new stellar local restaurant they visited, sometimes for their standard fee or if you sell them on your food it may just be a complimentary meal experience.

Going Digital Opens Countless Doors

Search results, social media pages and your restaurant’s website are all amazing tools for creating your presence and establishing your online reputation. You’ll also have access to create pages on directories such as Yelp to house reviews from customers.

Responding to these reviews, either thanking them for praise or publicly fixing a problem, is an easy way to show that you care about your customers beyond the money they spend with you, building rapport without face-to-face interactions.

It’s always the right time to establish or enhance your digital marketing game. See how our team of technology experts and veteran marketing agents put their skills to work for you at Kick Digital Media.

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