How Can Digital Marketing Help My Real Estate Company?

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The real estate market has always been an enticing option for those looking to set their own hours and be their own boss. Thoughts of huge commissions from a single sale can make even the most reserved individual turn into a confident salesperson overnight. If you’re in that group, you may be wondering how you and your new team can start drumming up listings and sales.

It’s All About Marketing and We Don’t Mean Billboards

While it’s true that a billboard on the side of the road gets hundreds of views every day, the views are had by commuters on their way to work. After seeing it every day, the advertisement loses its appeal and is ignored after a short amount of time.

This is where digital marketing comes in. Imagine you can take that billboard image and put it on a high-definition screen seen by thousands every single day. We’re talking about tapping into the landscape of phones, televisions, computers and even gas station pump screens.

The Best Part? You Can Automate the Process

Advertisements that take up residence on consumer screens have to jump out to grab the users attention away from the rest of their current task. Using a marketing company to help you create and automate targeted ads and social campaigns means you get the exact right ad for your real estate company’s voice that can be dynamically changed to promote specific properties or services you and your agents offer.

Another automation integration you should consider is the use of chatbots. These website widgets reach out to visitors to see if they have questions, often leading them into a lead form to get more information without it feeling like they are signing up for a meeting or taking on an obligation.

Make Your Website or Digital Portal All-Inclusive

What we mean by this is that you have the option to add features to your online space that didn’t exist years ago. Augmented reality tours are one of the most raved about features customers have when it comes to shopping for a new home.

The ability to tour each room as well as the surrounding property will captivate first-time buyers and give seasoned real-estate moguls a crisp and clean way to view your listings as they look for their next investment vehicle.

Driving traffic to your marvel of a website also has more options in the modern digital marketing era. Social media influencers and industry personalities have large fan bases that trust their recommendations and reviews.

Teaming up with an influencer for sponsored content or sitting down for an interview with a revered pioneer of real estate in your area can be costly options upfront, but the impressions and engagements that come from it will show the value was not wasted.

You Can Always Count On the Experts

Our team at Kick Digital Media has worked with real estate companies in their transition from analog to digital marketing, and we would be delighted to show you what we can do so please stop by today!

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