How Can Digital Marketing Help My Mortgage Company?

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Today, when prospective real estate buyers begin the property hunt, they often start online, and that includes their search for possible lenders. While many mortgage companies continue to rely on traditional marketing solutions to promote their brand, most are aware of the importance of marketing their brand and services online. Kick Digital Media features a suite of digital marketing strategies and services designed to help mortgage companies and alternative lenders attract customers and turn promising leads into conversions.

High-Quality Website

A dynamic website provides a digital hub for your mortgage company. Most of your online marketing initiatives will point back to your website, steering searchers to your platform. SEO marketing and paid advertising, when performed effectively, will drive traffic to your website. The more traffic that visits your mortgage company’s website, the more leads you’re likely to secure.

Kick Digital Media develops websites that are tailored to our clients’ brand and services. We can design a site where your mortgage company can promote its loan products and offer information about its services. Our website designers and developers specialize in creating SEO-friendly websites tailored to each client’s unique identity.

SEO Solutions

Search engine optimization is essential for any mortgage company’s online presence. Kick Digital Media features on-page and off-page SEO solutions that will ensure that your company will be found when potential customers search for a mortgage company online. We feature conventional SEO, local SEO, and mobile SEO solutions that are customized to each brand’s online marketing needs and goals.

When prospective residential or commercial property buyers search for a mortgage lender, it’s crucial that your business comes up on the first page of a Google search. If your business is buried beyond that first page of the search results, it’s not going to get the same amount of traffic that it would if it appeared on the coveted first page. Consequently, we’ll work to help your mortgage company move up in page rankings. Again, with more traffic, your business should note an increase in leads.

Online Paid Advertising

While SEO promotes organic website traffic, paid advertising like pay per click (PPC) campaigns also drive traffic to your website, only companies pay just as they would for other advertising measures. Naturally, the more effective and targeted the campaign, the better the return on investment. Our PPC pros will develop a digital advertising campaign that is strategically aligned to our customers specific marketing goals as well as to their budget.

Social Media Marketing

Your mortgage company can also benefit from compelling social media marketing. At Kick Digital Media, we feature experienced social media specialists and content developers who can promote your brand across multiple social media platforms and engage with customers and potential customers to help your mortgage company grow its business. If your company isn’t promoting its loan products on major social media sites like Facebook, it’s probably losing business to its competitors that are developing their social media campaigns.

Contact Kick Digital Media to learn how we can help you attract more prospective real estate buyers to your mortgage company. We track and measure all of our solutions to ensure that they’re working to meet our clients’ goals. When you contact us, we can discuss how a custom package of our solutions will help you grow your success.

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