Does Updating Your Website Increase SEO Performance?

Laptop Screen with SEO Concept.

Websites being static sources of information is a dated and out of touch approach to what they truly have to offer. Businesses are able to use websites as digital portfolios and storefronts, creating instant access and customer interaction anywhere in the world. When someone needs a towing company or an electrician, it’s Google they turn to, not the Yellow Pages. In order for your business to be found, you need to rank highly on Google’s search results, and your website is the key.

Fresh Content = Frequent Indexing

When updating your website for search rankings, it’s important to understand why you’re seeking an update in the first place. For starter’s, fresh content means that your site’s pages will be indexed more often. Search engines use what’s called a web crawler that essentially take a snapshot of each webpage’s important data in order to remember it later when searched for.

Indexing more frequently will create a larger impression on search terms to draw your page up in rankings. This also helps quickly measure how well certain content updates are doing as you’ll have your position on the index adjusted each time. Updating your website with useful and factual information also helps make you an authority within your industry which customers will stay loyal to.

More Content, More Keywords

Every new piece of content is a chance to find even more demographics through keyword updates. A keyword is a high-value search term that would be used to search for a specific business. For example, if I needed to replace a tire then I would likely search “tire repair near me” and check the reviews for the top listed businesses.

Now this doesn’t mean go and add keywords into every line of text on your website. There are many places to hide keywords for the web crawlers to find such as the meta tags, title tags and page descriptions. Each of these sections are inspected and indexed, giving your site multiple chances to be on the front page of search results.

Keep Your Audience Informed and Updated

Getting your audience scaled up through proper SEO and site updates is only the first step. Once they’re there, your new customers will expect to keep receiving the same value that initially brought them in. Keeping subscribers updated through regular newsletters and event announcements is an easy avenue to add value through.

When you keep your audience properly engaged, they are more likely to develop that brand loyalty that leads to long-term success. Return traffic to a website shows that it’s a useful resource based on the keywords being used to find it. A visitor that ends up on your site as a first time user will need to be convinced that they should stay and not visit one of the other thousands of websites available. Updating your website frequently shows your company is alive and active, worthy of their business.

It’s time to update your website and bring visitors the value they need to stick around. Reach out for a free consultation with Kick Digital Media today.

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