Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Digital Marketing for Lawyers

With nearly a million and a half lawyers currently practicing in the U.S., competition for clients is intense and, at times, cutthroat. What’s the best way for lawyers to advertise their practice, reach potential clients, and stay way ahead of the pack without bankrupting their law firm?

Digital Marketing for Lawyers–What You Don’t Know is Hurting Your Law Practice

No business can expect to succeed in the 21st century without a top-notch, scalable, digital market strategy that involves more than just simple SEO tactics. That plan may have worked 20 years ago, but that was two decades ago and digital marketing for lawyers and other professionals has changed drastically. 

Website Essentials for Attracting Google Search Crawlers

Easy-to-navigate, informative websites will convert more visitors into clients than crowded websites flashing with gifs, ornate fonts, and other distractions. Stick to what Google regards as the core vitals of websites that rank high on searches:

  • Mobile-friendly (responsive) design that fully loads on smartphones
  • Incorporating HTTPS for secure browsing
  • Fast page-loading speed
  • Simple, clean layout

Research indicates that slow-loading web pages have significantly increased bounce rates. For example, if someone visiting your law firm’s webpage has to wait more than two or three seconds for the page to load, they will move on and probably never return.

Optimize Landing Pages

Landing pages are “standalone” web pages created to support advertising and marketing campaigns. Visitors “land” on landing pages after clicking on Google AdWords or other similar advertising services. Landing pages developed as part of a digital marketing for lawyers strategy have one objective–to urge visitors to contact your law firm using a Call to Action. Professionally optimized landing pages are adept at converting visitors into paying clients. 

Clearly Establish Your Niche

Law firms that handle only family law cases (divorce, separation, custody, child support) would be wasting money if their digital marketing plan didn’t focus solely on family law matters. Website and social media blogs for law firms specializing in specific litigation should provide information useful and relevant for a particular demographic. Pinpointing the ideal client for your niche is determined by the answer to questions like: “What kind of job does my potential client likely have”? and “How much money do potential clients typically earn annually”?

Create a Decisive Unique Sales Proposition

A unique sales proposition (USP) is a carefully worded statement that defines the superiority of your law firm over other similar law firms. A USP doesn’t just say “We help you through your divorce”. Instead, a great USP would say something like: “Our aggressive attorneys are first-rate litigators essential for exonerating you from a false charge of DUI”. Professional digital marketers for lawyers practicing in all fields of law know exactly how to craft compelling USPs that turn leads into conversions.

Utilize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

PPC ad campaigns can significantly increase traffic numbers to your website or social media accounts by targeting potential clients using their demographic data during searches. PPC is an effective advertising model involving advertisers paying a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Digital marketers devise PPC ads to coordinate with specific search words or phrases. When someone enters one of these phrases into a Google search, the ad will show up on the results page. The searcher is then attracted to the ad, clicks it, and is taken to the ad’s landing page. 

For more information about how digital marketing for lawyers can give you more clients than you can handle, contact Kick Digital Media today!

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