Difference Between Referring Domains and Backlinks

Knowing the difference between backlinks and referring domains can help you improve your digital marketing strategy. If your company still uses outdated internet marketing methods in this fiercely competitive environment, you may want to look for new ways to reach your clients online. Understanding the difference between these two tools can help you accomplish this.

What Is a Backlink? 

Backlinks are hypertext links that go to other websites. A website can link to more than one other website as part of a strategic marketing campaign. For example, you can backlink on key terms to a website with high domain authority (sometimes called “outbound links”). Additionally, you can try to get authoritative websites to backlink to your website. Google sees backlinks as “votes” for a particular site. Therefore, pages with lots of backlinks typically score well in organic search listings.

What Is a Referring Domain?

Referring domains are websites with one or more backlinks to the target websites. A web page has one referring domain, for instance, if you link directly to it and no other websites. Linking to authoritative websites or having authoritative websites link back to your domain can increase your organic traffic and authority.

Difference Between Referring Domain and Backlinks

Backlinks and referring domains produce different results for listing well on Google. Make sure to monitor your referring domains and backlinks regularly. Both may be monitored using the premium AHREFs or the free Google Search Console. It only takes a few minutes but provides valuable information to help improve search results. Referring domains are the websites from which your backlinks originate, whereas backlinks are the actual connections on websites that link to your web pages. This is the primary distinction between referring domains and backlinks.

Your chances of ranking for keywords tend to increase with a robust link profile, which can help your website receive more traffic from organic searches. Backlinks and referring sites are two elements of a strong linking strategy that directly impacts your SEO results. Additionally, knowing how search engines perceive them might improve your site’s visibility, traffic, and conversion rates.

Backlinks improve crawl frequency to your website while referring domains drive referral traffic to your site. Here’s an easy way to remember it: all backlinks originate from referred domains, but not all referred domains have the same backlinks.

How Many Links Should You Use? 

Backlinks on a few referred domains can raise suspicion. However, multiple reference domains with numerous backlinks can positively affect your search rankings. By working with our experienced web designers and SEO experts, you can achieve the right balance and link to authoritative websites your target audiences trust. 

Enhance Your Backlinks and Referring Domains

We can provide a winning digital strategy that includes backlinks and referring domains. In fact, we can help your tweak or rebuild your website, social media and other content for increased traffic and conversions. 

Contact Kick Digital Media to learn how to use these important tools to promote your online content.

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