AI Finds a Home in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence, AI, and machine learning, ML, are fully here to stay. Speculation as to what these technologies could do to the marketing industry is now a realization as we move into another year of record growth.

Currently AI is being used to automate a large number of industrial and consumer processes from being a digital assistant to piloting a vehicle without human assistance. The entire process from manufacturing to distribution of goods can be automated with AI and ML.

What’s the Difference Between AI and ML?

Given how much AI and ML technologies have progressed in the last ten years, it’s hard to keep up with where they split from one another. To keep it simple, AI systems use human intelligence to solve problems and complete tasks while ML learns from existing data in order to better predict future results. AI does what it’s programmed to do and ML takes it to another level by learning how to be more efficient over time.

What Does This Mean for Marketing?

Traditionally, marketing has used consumer insights and data in order to identify different behaviors, purchase patterns and preferences among target demographics. The limitation here is that not every piece of data can be scoured and analyzed by a human. AI IS equipped to handle this task though and has the detailed information on customers to back it up.

AI systems gather the valuable data before it’s fed into an ML marketing model. An important distinction to make before going further is that AI and ML aren’t replacing physical marketing agents. The human connection provided is what separates companies that use auto-generated marketing versus tailor-made.

The algorithms and data acquisition used in AI and ML can help teams create more engaging content, connect to audiences on a deeper level, improve effectiveness of targeted campaigns and ultimately elicit more responses from customers.

Should AI and ML Be Part of Every Marketing Campaign?

Overall, AI and ML will primarily help brands be more relevant to their audiences thanks to in-depth data. What would previously have taken hundreds of hours of research can now be gathered in moments to be used by a physical marketing team.

Not only does this increase the quality of marketing efforts but it reduces the overall cost of large campaigns by a significant amount. AI-generated advertisements aren’t new to the world of digital marketing, but users are quickly learning how to spot these “slightly off” ads.

As AI is integrated into existing marketing systems, the technology will become a default aspect for marketing firms and companies across the globe. ML will be able to use the AI-gathered data to determine the best time, place and content for new ads for maximum relevance and personalization regardless of scale.

AI and ML Are Here To Stay

At Kick Digital Media, we’ve been able to witness the creation and rise of AI and ML. Consumers now expect certain levels of quality with the advertisements they’re being shown due to the customization AI enables. Everything from purchase history to a customer’s preferred television shows can be used by AI and ML to target audiences at a micro level.

If you’re ready to get your company into the world of digital marketing, reach out to the Kick Digital Media team to schedule a free consultation today.

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