8 Tips To Boost Small Business Digital Marketing

digital marketing

The transition to digital marketing is all but complete. As billboards start to empty and printed materials dip in popularity, it’s time for small businesses to look to technology for their next advertising campaign. The Kick Digital Media team of expert marketers has put together their top recommendations for small businesses looking to enter the digital age of marketing.

1. Take Ownership of Your Search Results

When a consumer searches for a local company and the Google listing is void of any information and is unclaimed, it can put the validity of your business in question. Taking the time to claim your listings on Google, Yelp and any other directory puts you in control of the information being linked to you and your company. 

2. Create a Seamless Online Experience

Visitors to your website tend to only stick for 10-15 seconds meaning a long load time can drive potential customers away before they ever see the content you’ve put together. Clear value propositions and an appealing design are necessary to grab their attention long enough that they’ve committed to viewing and exploring your site.

3. Generate Search Engine Buzz With Backlinks

Content is king when it comes to grabbing the attention of consumers, but convincing Google and other search engines that your small business is relevant enough for the front page takes specific actions. Having high-traffic websites and blogs link to your business will associate the two and boost your SERP position overnight.

4. Put a Face to the Brand

As we move steadily towards a life of remote work and virtual hangouts, live streaming has become a boon for many digital marketing campaigns. Being able to put the human touch into online content builds instant rapport with your potential customers.

5. Overcome Limited Organic Reach With Facebook Ads

The ability for a post to reach an audience on Facebook without being backed by ads has been declining with just over a 5% reach. With options to fit any budget, investing in Facebook ads is the perfect, low-risk way to test out new content.

6. Take To the Streets Online and In-person

LinkedIn has become an even more popular hotspot for networking with small businesses both locally and nationally. With event restrictions relaxing, events hosted by groups such as your local Chamber of Commerce can be exactly what you need to get the word out to qualified professionals and consumers.

7. Create Value in Your Newsletters

Inboxes today are keen to quickly label ignored emails as spam, hiding them out of sight before ultimately deleting them. Getting someone on your email list to open a newsletter requires giving them something of value in return such as small discounts or important information.

8. Take to Social Media Platforms

Small business social media pages tend to be stuffed with promotions, but the true value is the ability to connect directly with your customers. Winning over your followers will start the cycle of digital word-of-mouth which snowballs into hundreds and even thousands of referrals.

Are you ready to take your small business to the next level? Reach out to our team at Kick Digital Media to see just how easy digital marketing can be when you have the right agents on the job.

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