6 Examples of Incredible Restaurant Website Design

Local search engine optimization is a must for your business, and to build that you need a killer website. But what does that look like for your restaurant?

Here are several examples of amazing restaurant website design. Consider all of these examples and take away a few aspects to place in your future site.

1. Juniper and Ivy

This San Diego restaurant, Juniper and Ivy, is known both far and wide for its delectable meals at all hours of the day.

Its website reflects that by offering a peek at the many dishes it has become well known for.

The site also displays a beautiful balance of content via copywriting, photos, and videos, such as a video of their executive chef on CBS This Morning.

2. Coppertail Brewing Co

This brewery/restaurant location has put on a clinic for what you should strive for in your restaurant website design.

The entire site supports the brand the steampunk/hipster brand design that they’ve used throughout their branding and marketing.

Simple page tabs such as “the food”, “the beer”, and “store” make it easy to navigate and exciting to comb through. Not to mention their website conforms nicely as a mobile website platform as well. Good eats, good beer, good marketing: a lethal combination.

3. Portillo’s

It takes a lot to have a website match the reputation that this Chicago-based franchise has created for themselves.

The website has a beautiful red and white design as a reference for how far back its legacy goes. It also has amazing features such as the “order online” tab from the home page and engaging activities such as voting for the beef bus to visit your city.

Portillo’s hits a home run with their site by engaging their site visitors and creating a call to actions throughout the home page alone.

If you weren’t sure what Portillo’s was before you visit the site, you’d know within seconds thanks to their logo that reads “hot dogs-beef-burgers-salads”.

Visiting a Portillo’s is always a fun trip, and you get a sense of that through their website, it’s no wonder they’ve developed a cult-like following.

4. Sugarfire Smokehouse

Granted, there are a lot of things that Sugarfire Smokehouse has done to build its brand in the past several years such as being featured on Food Network.

But they haven’t stopped there! As soon as you load their website, you’re greeted by a mouth-watering picture of one of their signature dishes.

Then they go on to list their achievements such as the winner of the best sandwich in the world from the world food championships. Not a bad thing to boast about on your front page!

They also incorporate several articles on their home page to show you how highly-touted their food has become.

Not to mention that the high-definition food pictures make you want to dive through your computer or phone screen to take a bite.

This entire website is consistent with high-quality photos and content that promotes action by the users. When you’re building your website, you’ll want to aim to do the exact same things.

5. Buffalo Wild Wings

The restaurant commonly referred to as “B-Dubs” has its sole purpose filtered down to three words: Wings. Beers. Sports.

That alone tells you all you need to know about how your experience will be every time you visit a Buffalo Wild Wings. Their website doubles down on that with a layout that’s as simplistic as their previously-mentioned motto.

Their homepage contains a “fan favorites” side swipe section where you can see all of the eye-popping dishes that await you when you attend.

Also, no matter how far down or up you scroll on their pages, there will always be a bright yellow bar at the bottom of your screen that reads “Start an Order”. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a call to action that follows the site user’s every move.

It doesn’t matter if your restaurant isn’t a nation-wide chain like these guys. You can implement their style for call to actions in your site and reap higher conversions as a result.

6. The Getaway

This local hot spot in Tampa, Florida is known for its cold drinks and scenic location on the water. You go there to get good food and watch the boats dock right by your table.

The Getaway’s web designers fully embraced that by placing a gigantic picture of their restaurant’s layout on the home page.

What you have to appreciate about this website are its swagger and no-nonsense approach. You already know you’re visiting it because of the atmosphere, now it’s just a matter of figuring out the finer details.

Those details are spelled out for you in their straight-to-the-point page tabs such as “menus”, “reservations”, and “events”.

Who said your site can’t exude a bit of confidence? If you know your restaurant is the place to be, then use content and pictures to show it off.

Use the Ideal Restaurant Website Design to Fit Your Brand

Your restaurant website design is just like the field of dreams… if you build it, they will come!

Be sure to read this article on local SEO and why it’s so important to building your restaurant’s business.

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