5 New Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends

Social media has become an essential place for companies to meet their current and future customers. It’s important to recognize and utilize trends that can help your business make the most of its social media marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out five emerging social media trends your company can’t afford to ignore.

1. Marketers Are Dancing to TikTok’s Tune.

Both B2C and B2B marketers are recognizing the marketing value of TikTok. Are you using this platform to best effect for your products? If not, you could be missing out on a hugely effective way to reach TikTok’s growing user base.

Apple‘s App Store Awards 2021 reports that TikTok came in just behind YouTube and Instagram when ranked by the number of downloads. If you or your company is new to TikTok, reach out to a trusted social media management firmto get started.

2. Social Commerce Continues To Grow.

Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram have become tried and true platforms for social commerce. Savvy marketers have come up with innovative ways to promote brands and products from every genre. Social media marketing is no longer cutting-edge stuff. Instead, it has become the bread and butter of many marketing campaigns. Therefore, it’s important to launch into the fray sooner rather than later with the right digital marketing agency behind you.

3. Short-Form Video and Live Streaming Appeal to Many Demographics.

With the advent of the pandemic, many businesses have embraced membership sites. Video content and live streaming events have also become more typical as consumers opt to participate in events remotely. In fact, many customers assume that they can live stream events rather than attend in person. So, short form videos and live streaming give your audience the best of both worlds.

4. Reaching New Audiences on Social Media Is a Growing Trend.

Many brands use social media to reach new target audiences as well as to boost customer service and grow relationships with their existing customers. This is a shift away from focusing on advertising products and increasing sales. Many companies are now using social media as part of their customer relationship channels. Ideally, this will result in both satisfied customers and ones who want to continue using your products or services.

5. Augmented Reality Will Become More Mainstream.

Augmented reality and virtual reality have become mainstream. This has raised the bar in terms of creating engaging experiences with these new technologies. The adoption of VR on social media platforms is still in the early stages. However, AR filters that allow users to modify their features real-time have run rampant on Instagram and Snapchat, among other platforms.

Given the popularity of this technology, social media platforms continue to make more paid and free AR and VR features available for users. You can leverage this interest to create brand-specific photo filters that include their products.

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