5 Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Are you forming a marketing plan for your law firm?

In this guide, we will outline some of the most effective law firm marketing strategies that can take your firm or practice to a higher level this year for client growth and retention.

1. Make Sure Your Website Is Optimized for On-page SEO and Page Load Speed

In this industry, you can utilize your website to act as a 24/7 sales channel, so make sure it gives viewers a good impression. When looking for a service such as a law firm, most people will find you through the Google and local search. Making sure that you’ve taken all the steps to make your website the best it can be and having a strong Google My Business profile is a must for marketing success.

Website design has a connection to how viewers will measure your credibility. Your website should be professional, visually appealing, and easy to navigate in order to engage potential customers. You should also make sure your site loads quickly so that you can avoid losing customers through impatience.

Another must is to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. With the number of people searching on their handheld mobile device, you want to make sure your site’s appealing no matter the device type or size.

Make sure your website design is easy to navigate. You don’t want to frustrate users accessing your site or make it difficult for them to find certain information. Make sure the colors you use are appealing, and that all of your images and text are clear.

Because people are often searching on search engines like Google, you’ll want to make sure your site can be found easily through this tool.

2. Get on Social Networks

If your law firm is not yet on social media, this is something you will want to focus on rolling out in the near future. Especially important for capturing younger generations, a social media presence can help you gain new customers and retain current ones. Many people expect businesses to have a social media presence, no matter the industry.

A social media presence can help you connect with your audience. It’s a great way to humanize your law firm, giving followers access to the faces behind your company. This is a great way to promote engagement and build trust with your audience.

Consider social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin to post both promotional and humanizing content. If your company is doing charity events or in-office parties, post a live video or photo showcasing this event and bringing your audience in on the behind the scenes. Spending money on promotional ads via social media is a great way to grow your clientele.

3. Try Email Marketing

Despite the social media takeover, email is not dead in the world of digital marketing. In fact, this can be a great way to reach your current clients. With email marketing, you can build brand loyalty.

Email marketing is an easy and very affordable marketing option. Install an email capture on your website, and make sure to get clients’ emails when they sign into your office. You can add these emails to your subscriber list, making for a constantly growing email marketing audience.

With email marketing, you can try sending out newsletters on office updates, as well as educational advice that may be of use to readers. This is a great way to stay fresh in your client’s mind, for whenever they need legal assistance or when recommending your services to others.

4. Catch Their Attention With Video Marketing

This year, video marketing has taken over as the most effective digital marketing content type. Video marketing is a trend that law firms can definitely take advantage of. Using video marketing on ads, posts, or going live is a great way to stand out against competitors.

Social media users can process a video much more easily and efficiently than text. Creating engaging video content is a great way to connect with your followers and let them get to know you, creating brand loyalty.

Try creating a YouTube channel where you post educational videos that could be helpful for those in need of legal advice. You can then post these videos to your social media platforms so that your audience is aware of your new channel.

5. Invest in Content Marketing and SEO Services

When it comes to content marketing and local SEO for your Google My Business profile, it’s best to hire a marketing service. This is an investment that is sure to pay off. Search engine optimization is a must for companies, as this is what helps you rank higher on search engines. If your law firm can’t be found on the first page of Google when someone is searching for firms in the area, chances are, they won’t find you at all.

A content specialist can make sure the content on your site is the best it can be while utilizing ethical SEO tactics to push your website and Google My Business profile up in rankings. Build out your online content, and try adding a blog to update your site with educational, fresh, content.

Try These Law Firm Marketing Strategies

If you’re trying to grow your audience and reach new customers, these law firm marketing strategies can help. Make sure you’re staying ahead of competitors by covering all of these bases. Grow your clientele number and profits this year by utilizing these marketing strategies.

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