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If you have a website, then you need to know all about SEO. What SEO stands for is search engine optimization, which is the practice of taking content and optimizing it so that your website is easily discovered via the organic search results in the top search engines. There are some obvious benefits that you will enjoy when you embark on a journey with SEO in Scottsdale, including passive website traffic for free each month. 

Of course, not everyone is sure how to optimize their website content or how the ranking factors matter. This is when you will benefit from hiring a team of SEO professionals that know how it all works. 

Understanding the Search Engines 

You can look at search engines as a type of library but in the digital age. Rather than keeping copies of books, the search engines essentially store copies of all of the web pages on the internet. Once you type in your query in the search bar, the engines scour the pages throughout the index, and the most relevant results will come up in order. This is all done through computer algorithms. 

Understanding SEO 

To put it simply, the way SEO works is showing the search engines that you have content that matches up with the search topic at hand. All search engines come with the common goal of showing users the best and most relevant results. The way to do this will depend on the actual search engine that you are trying to optimize your pages for. This is where the help of trained professionals offering SEO in Scottsdale comes in very handy. 

For example, Google actually has well over 200 ranking factors at any given time. Nobody has a key to all of the factors that there are, but the experts in the field know what the basic structure is for success. You need to know that Google actually ranks the pages of websites rather than the sites themselves. Not every page on your website may be up to snuff for Google, but that is okay. The pros will help you to make sure that you have what you need to bring in organic results without having your website flagged. 

It is very important that your website is crawlable. Crawling is the main method that Google uses to look for links on pages they know about to get them to those pages that they don’t. This is all done by the way of spiders. Issues that often block the spiders from crawling include: 

  • Noindexed pages
  • Poor internal linking
  • Blocks in robots.txt
  • Nofollowed internal links

Another area that you may want to discuss with the pros for SEO in Scottsdale is making sure that your website is mobile device friendly. Everyone is on their mobile devices today looking for information, so your website must measure up. 

Do you still have questions regarding SEO in Scottsdale? We are always here to help at Kick Digital Media! Our team is available to address your questions, and we are ready to formulate a plan for you to ramp up your rankings and kick up your revenue. Give us a call today at (855) 919-1329.

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