Pay Per Click for HVAC Companies

Pay per click (PPC) advertising website visitors are 50% more likely to purchase organic visitors. As an HVAC company, that means you can start increasing your client base and booking more appointments with a good.

Without a good strategy, however, your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign could cause your your return on investment to suffer.

With PPC, you can boost your brand, attract more website traffic, and book more appointments.

Ready to get started? With these tips, you can grow your business without overspending.

1. Give Each Campaign a Goal

Before you begin building campaigns and pushing money into your HVAC marketing, it helps to have a goal. Otherwise, you could lose money and potential business.

If you already have ads running, use these HVAC advertising ideas to review and optimize their performance.

First, consider your overall HVAC marketing goals. Are you trying to increase brand awareness and recognition? Do you want more website traffic, online appointments, or phone calls to your business?

You can use different HVAC ads to accomplish each of these goals.

If you’re using Google Ads as your PPC platform, the platform will even prompt you to choose a goal before creating your campaigns. By choosing a goal ahead of time, you can determine which keywords and metrics work best for that campaign. Then, you can optimize your campaigns to achieve your goals and make sure they’re on the right track.

Without a goal in mind, you’ll never know if your HVAC ads are accomplishing anything.

2. Check for Trends

Like search engine optimization (SEO) trends, Google Ads trends change throughout the year. It helps to keep track of these trends to gain a competitive advantage. Otherwise, your competitors’ ads will rank higher than yours.

They’ll attract the clients that would have otherwise chosen your business.

For example, more people are using voice-activated assistants to complete searches. Voice searches are expected to account for 50% of all searches this year. If your ads aren’t optimized for these searches, you’re missing out.

To appeal to voice searches, you need to understand how people are phrasing their searches. Use tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Google Trends, and Google Keyword Planner. Make sure your search queries are more conversational, too.

Other trends that could impact your HVAC advertising ideas include:

  • Amazon Paid Ads
  • Responsive search ads
  • Visual search
  • Artificial intelligence

New trends are bound to pop up throughout the year. By keeping track of these trends, you can improve your HVAC marketing strategy to produce better results.

3. Keep Everything Organized

Some advertisers make the mistake of shoving a ton of keywords into a single ad group. Fight this urge! This lack of organization could impact your clickthrough rate, which will hurt your quality score. Your quality score determines where your HVAC ads rank among the competition.

If you rank lower, fewer people will see your ads.

Try to organize your keywords into smaller groups. You can use Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) to keep your groups super focused. As you generate results, you can see which keywords gathered more clicks and higher conversion rates.

Then, you can get rid of costly keywords and focus on the ones that are improving your ROI.

4. Manage Your Negative Key Words

What if a DIY-er is looking for HVAC parts or someone wants a tutorial video for how to fix an AC unit? Chances are, you don’t want to appear for those searches if you’re trying to schedule appointments.

You can add particular words and phrases to your Negative Keyword list. Then, you won’t appear for certain searches, which will help you avoid wasted advertising spend.

It’s important to review your search queries regularly. That way, you can maintain a robust Negative Keyword list without watching your budget drain away.

5. Test Your Ad Language

Google lets you use multiple headlines and descriptions in an ad to determine which one attracts the most clicks. Test your ad language by using A/B testing. Then, review the results.

Which headlines, descriptions, and call-to-action language attracts clicks? Keep A/B testing over time to improve your ad language as you go.

6. Improve Your Landing Pages

When someone clicks on your HVAC marketing ads, they’ll travel to your website. To generate more conversions, you need to make sure your website’s landing pages reflect your ads.

Make sure the ad copy and webpage copy match. That way, you can keep people focused on a single goal. For example, let’s say someone searched for “an experienced HVAC company,” with “HVAC company” as your target keyword.

You’ll want “HVAC company” to appear within your ad and website. If your page mentions “HVAC Spring Maintenance,” the user might get confused.

The design and development of HVAC sites matter, too. For example, Google prioritizes mobile-optimized and fast-loading websites. If your website takes too long to load, people will leave without clicking around.

This could increase your bounce and hurt your clickthrough rate, which will lower your quality score.

7. Automate as Much as Possible

Google is now making it easier for advertisers to automate their campaigns. The growth of machine learning allows advertisers to pass off their work to the machines.

Google will provide you with suggestions that you can use to improve your ads. Make sure to review and approve these changes to continue optimizing your campaigns for the best results.

8. Try Your Hand at Video Ads

More companies have started using video content to help their display ads stand out. Try using videos to draw an audience and keep them engaged.

You can also use videos on your landing pages to encourage clicks.

9. Implement Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to reappear in front of previous website visitors. With remarketing, you have a second chance to attract people to your website.

Make sure to create a remarketing campaign with new HVAC ads.

10. Test Geotargeting Options

Google Ads is improving its targeting options, making it easier for you to reach your ideal customer. Try using geo-targeting or separate your target audience into smaller personas. Then, you can create hyper-focused ads that better connect with specific customers.

These Strategies for HVAC Marketing Is the PPC Blueprint You Need

With this PPC blueprint, you can create a robust advertising plan that generates results! These 10 HVAC marketing PPC strategies will help you attract people to your website. Then, you can use compelling CTA language and a well-designed landing page to turn those visitors into customers!

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