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Kick Digital Media is a top-rated digital marketing agency in Orlando with a team of highly skilled staff team. We empower our clients in healthcare, law, mortgage, and real estate businesses with an unsurpassable digital presence.


What makes a digital marketing campaign successful?

The success of a digital marketing campaign largely depends upon the return on investment it yields. As a results-driven digital marketing agency in Orlando, we work relentlessly to offer our clients with the highest ROI by employing the following strategies:

  • Outlining Goals - We start by planning the goals for each client and each campaign. Goals not only determine the direction for the campaign but makes the campaign more impactful among the target audience.
  • Taking a stand - with every one of our campaigns, we aim to instigate emotional response and try to establish a sense of relatability in our target audience. This way, our campaigns reach customers more effectively and create a stronger impact on them.
  • Integration with diverse channels - Several elements work together to make a digital marketing campaign successful. When we plan a campaign, we try to leverage equal weightage on all types of DM, such as pay per click, social media marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, etc. This ensures a wider reach, better conversion rates, and overall business growth.

Furthermore, we also make sure to maintain consistency with each of our campaigns. Being consistent helps build a loyal customer base, improves brand credibility and brand awareness.


Benefits of SEO for real estate companies

SEO can help any business improve their sales and attain growth in a relatively short span. The real estate business, in particular, can benefit considerably by investing in SEO services. SEO can make your business visible to thousands of potential buyers or sellers across the country. Real estate markets can be highly competitive and thriving in a fast-paced industry like this can be extremely challenging for agents and brokers.

With SEO, you can cut through the stiff competition and conquer your target audience with an unrivaled digital presence. SEO not only improves your website’s ranking, but it also offers your visitors with the best user experience. Lastly, it helps communicate new listings to a pool of prospective clients and helps close deals in a considerably short period.


Effective digital marketing channels

One of the most commonly known types of DM is SEO, which involves the use of certain organic practices on your website to improve its ranking in search engine pages. Next to SEO, search engine marketing or pay per click is a paid form of DM that helps reach your target audience in the way of ads in their SERPs.

Lastly, social media marketing is another highly effective channel, which enables two-way communication with your current and prospective customers and helps improve brand credibility. Some of the other effective forms of DM include content marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and email marketing.

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