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Kick Digital Media is a top-rated Phoenix SEO company, where we help businesses with custom digital marketing strategies. Our areas of specialization include website design and development, SEO, SEM, SMM, and HVAC marketing.


How effective is search engine optimization?

SEO is a highly effective and inevitable digital marketing tool that helps improve your website’s visibility and reach among your target audience. It improves your site’s overall performance and visitor’s user experience with easy to navigate web pages.

SEO is one of the most effective and cost-efficient inbound marketing strategies that account for almost 14% of the close rate. Once your website reaches a good ranking in SERPs, you will witness steady growth in conversion rates. Lastly, users trust top-ranking websites more than those websites that rank in the second or third pages of a search engine, which helps improve brand credibility and build a loyal customer base. We are an affordable Phoenix SEO company, and we create custom-SEO strategies to help businesses attain an unsurpassable digital presence.


Top factors that influence SEO ranking

Certain factors influence your SERP ranking. The top three ranking factors include:

  1. Content - It is the topmost factor that influences Google rankings. It is important to update your website with relevant content than keyword-focused content
  2. Backlinks - While more links result in a higher score, make sure that they are from several diverse and authoritative websites.
  3. User experience - Search engines like Google primarily crawl the mobile version of websites. Make sure to build a responsive website for your business to improve your users’ browsing experience on your website.

Besides these, other technical factors also play a major role in determining your website’s rank. Some of these factors include encryption, H1 and H2 headings, anchor text, etc.


Important aspects of SEO

An effective SEO strategy involves several moving parts working in the right direction to promote your brand on the internet. Some of the critical aspects of SEO include:

  1. Keyword research - It is important to establish your target market and industry before you can go ahead and find your users’ intent. Once you have a definitive understanding of your industry’s market shifts and buyer personalities, you can easily create an impactful SEO strategy.
  2. User intent - A thorough understanding of the user intent behind keywords is crucial to do keyword research. It also helps gather in-depth knowledge of market shifts and audience search behavior. This helps make necessary adjustments and to find deeper keywords for better opportunities.
  3. Analytics and reporting - Without an accurate report on the performance of your SEO campaign, it is impossible to make any improvements to your current campaign. Make sure to invest in SEO tools that offer a precise report on keywords and landing pages to stay at par with the shifting market trends.

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