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Kick Digital Media is a top-rated Arizona SEO company that helps businesses improve their revenue with strategic internet marketing campaigns. We specialize in offering digital marketing solutions for law firms, healthcare clients, real estate companies, and mortgage businesses.


How much does SEO cost?

On average, digital marketing companies charge anywhere from $700-$2,000/month for SEO services for an average-sized website. This price may increase or decrease based on the scope of the project, where you live, and the SEO services you require. If you outsource your SEO to experienced independent consultants, expect to pay anywhere from $60-$200/hour. Some SEO companies charge a monthly retainer for their services, which can range between $1,000 - $3,000/month.

There are numerous pricing models that SEO providers follow. The most popular type is the project pricing model, where business owners pay a one-time fee, which can range between $500 and $2,000. We are an experienced Arizona SEO company, and we offer highly rewarding search engine optimization services for the lowest prices in the industry.


Ways to improve your mortgage business with SEO

People are always on a constant lookout for mortgage lenders who offer the best rate with short processing times. To reach the right customer at the right time, mortgage firms need to be easily accessible for borrowers. One of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target borrowers is to have a user-friendly website.

SEO can improve your website’s performance and improve its usability and visibility to your audiences. It is a proven method to cut through the stiff competition and to improve brand credibility. Reliability and trustworthiness are two important factors that borrowers consider before choosing a mortgage provider. Holding the top rank on the search engine results page helps improve brand credibility among borrowers and leads to better conversion rates. Furthermore, with SEO, you can reach a broader demographic, which can be incremental to your business growth.


Importance of SEO for healthcare providers

Hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and other players in the healthcare industry need to establish a strong and unsurpassable digital presence to improve their credibility. Patients often choose to visit a hospital that has earned a reputation for reliability. One of the best ways to earn clients/patients’ trust is to build a user-friendly website that highlights the experience of your staff team and your facility’s high-end infrastructure.

Online users generally trust top-ranking hospitals in their search engine results page than those hospitals that rank in the second or third pages. Furthermore, with SEO, you can reach your target audience more easily, unlike what may be the case with traditional marketing practices. Lastly, SEO can be your one sure-shot way to cut-through stiff competition and to take your business to a larger global audience. With SEO in place, medical tourism has grown three-fold, which not only helps improve revenues but fuels the growth of your business at a progressive rate.

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